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Our Best Features


Licenses, Certifications and Documentation

Highlight and store all of your licenses, certifications and all of your documentation in one place with your TradesFactor Digital Passport. Provide employers a simple way to get you hired with all the necessary paperwork requirements.


Companies & Organizations

TradesFactor gives Companies and Organizations a platform to find talent, manage their existing workforce, and manage their projects online from the jobsite to the office.



As a skilled trades person, it's up to you to find employment and manage your licenses, certifications and tons of other information needed to get hired. TradesFactor makes that simple with your digital passport for the trades.



Stop wasting time applying on job boards and have your next trades job find you, just by updating and keeping your profile always up to date.


Automatic availability updates

Finishing up a project and ready to start another? Don't worry we got you covered. Minimize downtime with TradesFactor automatically updating your availability.


TradesFactor Score and Matching Algorithm

Employers, instead of spending time and money to sift through unqualified applications, rely on TradesFactor's matching tool to hire smarter