Professional Network & Workforce Management for the Skilled Trades

Include recommendations, experience, certifications, licenses, skills, availability, and location preference to make yourself stand out so you don’t waste time finding jobs.

Stay in professional contact with people you have worked with by growing your network and making it easier for that next job to find you.

Have your next job find you by completing your TradesFactor profile.

Get greater visibility to your projected income for the year by having companies schedule you for upcoming work. No more scrambling to find work after your current project ends (or before it ends).

View individual availability dates so you can manage assignments to proactively staff future needs.

Track certifications and licenses to know if someone is qualified to perform operations.

Get trades workers onboarded faster by feeding your organization's systems with a system integration from TradesFactor. No more first day paper pushing.

Reduce your overhead and stop manually managing a skilled trades worker database that gets outdated as soon as you enter someone's information.

TradesFactor uses self-service that allows individual workers to maintain their information so you don’t pay your people to do data entry.

Licenses & Certifications

With TradesFactor, you can easily showcase your licenses and certifications; Or, find employees based on their credentials.

Companies & Organizations

TradesFactor gives Companies and Organizations a platform to find talent, manage their existing workforce, and manage projects.

Trades Workers

As a skilled trades person, it’s up to you to find employment and manage your licenses. TradesFactor makes that simple.


Finding like-minded people in your trade can be difficult. We’ve implemented social features to make it more worthwhile.


Easily find graduates and high school prospects, driving future enrollments by simplifying the job placement process.

First Day Hiring

We make it simple to hire or get hired quickly and efficiently through our unique Day One Hiring platform.